DMS-Fog®: Controlled Dry and Fine Fog System

DMS-Fog® produces 1–10 micron water droplets that cover the source of dust and prevent dust particles from being transported into the air. This system has more than 20 years of development and is low capital and operational. The sprinklers are constructed of stainless steel, without moving parts, which increases their duration and reduces maintenance. The sprinklers are resistant to process waters and do not require major maintenance.

For greater suppressor efficiency, it is combined with our DMS additives diluted at 1: 10,000 rates and 1% humidification, saving water and operational costs with a suppressor efficiency of 90-95%.

Multifunctional Module (MFM) and Electric Controller Module (MCE):

The multifunction module (MFM) controls the flow of air and water. The MFM is made of a 40 micron filtration cabinet and a 100 micron valve cabinet with automatic backwash and a 5 micron cartridge filter. If the MFM is directly connected to the mist collectors, the air and water pressure are regulated in the MFM.

The Electrical Control Module (MCE) houses the electrical control components, such as circuit breakers, relays, purge timers, switches, programmable logic controller and indicator lights. All components are pre-wired to a numbered terminal strip and the numbers correspond to the terminal strips in the MFM.