Codelco Ministro Hales

Between 2016 and 2018, Codelco División Ministro Hales and Codelco´s Division Radomiro Tomic runned comprehensive dust control and soil stabilization solutions tests for their haul roads. Codelco looked for cost-effective solutions that suppress 95% of dust emissions, reduce water consumption by 80%, and are safe and non toxic, nor corrosive.

Codelco´s divisions tested more than ten solutions from worldwide suppliers, including ABCDust´s haul road additive, DMS-DS. Each supplier tested their solution´s brake distance and suppression efficiency capacity in a 10-15% haul road ramp for a period of one to two months.

DMS-DS, is a nanopolymer based dust control additive with an optimized its application protocol for different soil types and traffic conditions. The applications of DMS-DS fulfilled the goals of dust suppression efficacy by 95-98%, saved 80 to 90% of water and improving the brake distance in 10-15% ramps by 32 to 80%. Furthermore, ABCDust´s DMS-DS probed to be more effective and economic than chlorides salts and water by 40 to 60%, reducing accidents and maintenance costs.

ABCDUST´s  great service and cost effective solution were selected by Codelco División Ministro Hales and Codelco División Radomiro Tomic, as their current gold standard for haul road dust suppression.

Application pictures

Some pictures of the first application in Codelco Division Ministro Hales are detailled here.