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Smart dust controls and soil stabilisation solutions
Develops and integrates technologies for dust control and soil stabilization to serve clients worldwide
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Sustainable dust control
95-99% Dust Suppression at a low cost per sqm
Yellow truck irrigating
Irrigation systems
Smart controlled water application rates
Road monitoring
PM10-2,5 road monitoring
Road friction and roughness
Precision instrument for design and monitoring haul road friction and roughness


We offer two kinds of products to our clients.

Dust suppression

Dust Master Systems (DMS®), offer a wide range of state-of-the-art additive solutions for dust control and soil stabilization.

Soil stabilization

ABCDust offer a pool of products formulated to meet different road and soil needs reducing the need of aggregates and road maintenance.

Our services

We can offer you four kind of services.

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DMS - ONE Platform

Integration of sensors to optimize dust suppression and road maintenance costs.

PM10-2.5 Monitoring

Monitoring to set the baseline and measure the efficiency of the dust control program.

Road Friction Assessment

Uncontrolled movements of vehicles are a present and critical risk in unpaved roads.

Technical Support

Our customized approach ensures that we identify the best solution to minimize your costs.


Take a look below at our different equipments.

Control de polvo - Chile - Codelco - ABCDust

Smart irrigation

Save 50% of water and additives  with our integrated controlled water delivery systems to maintain, control and record irrigation rates, regardles of water truck speed.

Controlled applications

Short and long reach range controlable cannons for dust control, odor control, and fire fighting applications. Save up to 60% of water by using our smart programming options.

Dry Fog and Fine Mist

Save up to 80% of water with 10 to 100 micron water droplets that cover the source of dust and prevent dust particles from being transported into the air.

Particle sensor

Airborne multichanel particle counters

Monitor air quality standards at your camp site and nearby communities with our multichannel smart sensor.

man working with a gas mask

Extreme Dust Level Monitors

EPA Close Reference Dust Monitors to measure extreme values of MP 10, 4, 2.5 and PM 1, without saturation (up to 2.000 mg / m3)

Weather and air quality stations

Online monitoring stations with weather and air quality data transmission every minute for short and medium duration campaigns.

About us

We develop and integrate products, solutions and experts in dust control and soil stabilization to respond to your specific needs.

Dust Suppression

DMS®: Dust Master System for Dust Control Dust Master Systems (DMS®), offer a wide range of state-of-the-art solutions for dust control and soil stabilization.

Soil Stabilization

Our pool of products has been formulated to meet different road needs reducing the need of bringing aggregates and road maintenance.

Dust monitoring, regularity and IRI

Monitoring of lPM10-2.5, regularity and road friction to determine the optimum wetting rate that safeguards safety and optimizes dust suppression and maintenance
PM10-2.5 Monitoring

Georeferenced Road PM10-2,5 monitoring to set the baseline and measure the efficiency of the dust control program.

DMS-ONE management system

Multivariable management platform to monitor and prevent pollutant emissions in relation to production and climatic conditions.

Humidification equipment

We develop and integrate irrigation bars, water cannons and dry mist and fine mist systems with an atomization of 10 to 200 microns

Our team

Our dedicated and professional team is always at your service.

Samuel Toledo

Samuel Toledo

Samuel has over five years’ experience developing and commercializing sustainable solutions toward Mining Industry, negotiating contracts with mining companies, hiring personnel, managing logistics, project financing and managing contracts cash flows.

Rafael Toledo

Rafael Toledo

Rafael has experience administering large Mining contracts for Dust Suppression & soil stabilization in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Carolina Valenzuela

Carolina Valenzuela

Carolina oversees the administration of the company, and focus on the coordination, accreditation and execution of contracts and purchase orders with clients, ensuring ABC Dust clients receive an excellent service.

Affiliations and associations

The offices of ABCDust in Canada and Chile actively participate in different activities and trade associations to promote sustainable and smart technologies for dust control and soil stabilization. We also have international partnerships with universities and advanced technology centers for the continuous development of products and technologies for soil stabilization and dust control in an efficient, intelligent and environmentally friendly way.

Our latest projects

An overview of our latest projects in different countries with different applications.

Qualified distributors

ABCDust’s dust control and soil stabilization products and services are marketed internationally directly and through qualified and trained value-added distributors and sales agents.

Read our news

Read about our latest thoughts and discoveries here.

Our Industrial Applications

At ABCDust we work with many different kinds of applications, categorised into four groups.

Mining and Extractive Industry

Open pit, underground haul roads
Loading and discharging points
Stock piles and tailings
Conveyors and mill
Secondary road

Forest Industry

Access roads and secondary roads
Parks and parking lots
Unpaved municipal and
public roads
Cycling routes


Runways and heliports
Wind and solar farms
Dirty industrial roads
Horse arenas
Golf courts


Secondary roads
Access roads