Bluebox® Gravimetric Dust Samples

Equipment and methodologies for environmental gravimetric sampling of total dust and respirable fraction for emission analysis and monitoring of suspended silica.

Equipment for taking environmental samples of particulate material, pollutants and gases. Our BlueBox® can be configured to measure total dust, respirable fraction, silica, gases and vapors.

– Protective case with clamp system for its location in industrial sites,
– Pump 5 to 5000 ml / min with accuracy level of +/- 5%
– Batteries to operate up to 40 continuous hours at 2L / min flow rate
– Cyclone, tubes and 37mm PVC cassettes for sampling
– Programmable Sampling Times
– Password to ensure the integrity of the samples,
– Flow adjustment for different temperatures,
– Sampling time log, battery levels warnings
– Notification of flow problems and battery problems
– Complies with RoHS measures and European directives for the reduction of hazardous substances and gases
– Optional: Use of pumps and cyclones for occupational health programs and control of levels of exposure to silica in the work environment

Main Applications

Environmental and labor analysis of silica levels

Gravimetric measurements of levels of MP10 and MP 2.5

Development of baselines and evaluation of effectiveness of control measures of dust, gases and contaminants in suspension.

NIOSH 500 and NIOSH 600