Forestal Arauco

Forestal Arauco, a leader in the Chilean forestry industry, is continually seeking solutions to stabilize its logging roads in southern Chile. The company seeks to reduce its construction times and the use of aggregates, which are becoming increasingly scarce.

Forestal Arauco’s roads are characterized by their clay content, which requires intensive use of aggregates to stabilize the roads for the forest harvesting campaign.

ABCDust offered its DMS-DS® 100 and Chem-Stab® soil stabilizers to Forestal Arauco, achieving excellent results that allowed them to save 40% of aggregates per m2 and reduce the construction time of the road, on which the stabilization was performed. They also considerably reduced dust emissions.

ABCDust’s solutions are a contribution to the cost reduction and sustainability of the forest industry and unpaved public roads, by reducing its stabilization, maintenance and dust control costs.

The project

Some pictures of the project in Arauco are shown here.