Smart irrigation

An electronic controlled charging and road watering system

Integrated management system to monitor and control operations. Delivers control and accuracy for the preparation of emulsions and additives logistics supply.


Hydraulic system capable of carrying additives, measure volumes, Cabin of loading equipment with Tablet Software Tool for preparation of emulsions (water + additives) linked to scheduled application Management System.

Irrigation bar

ABCDust offers integrated OEM controlled water delivery systems to maintain, control and record irrigation rates (ml/m2) applied over the roads network, improving road safety, non-stop-transit hours, dust control compliance and road maintenance costs. The Smart Water Truck Systems are manufactured by CAT and KOMATSU OEM manufacturers and integrated to ABCDust solutions.

Mine operations need to balance their unpaved road networks safety, non-stop transit conditions, road dust emissions and maintenance costs. A key component to optimize and balance mine sites road maintenance goals, is the use of controlled application rates (ml/m2) and frequencies across the roads.

Main characteristics & benefits

A list of the main characteristics and benefits of the smart water truck systems. ABC Dust Smart Water Truck Systems enhance Mine site to achieve an optimal and safe non-stop-traffic mine haul roads conditions, reducing water and dust suppression additives consumption while complying with your PM10-2.5 goals.

  • Travelled speed adjusted pump flow rate
  • Real Time Monitoring (Wireless connectivity)
  • Cab Control panel with switches
  • Remote programing of water application areas and irrigation rates
  • Water Tank Level Sensor
  •  GPS and data time log
  • Pump and Motor Assembly
  • Hydraulic – Rear Spray bar Assembly Kit in Carbon Steel
  • Encrypted web access of water trucks operations and area covered reports
  • Compatible with our Dust Monitoring & Management Systems DMS-RTM