Ambient Air Monitors

Designed for gas and particle pollutant measurements to better understand atmospheric chemistry and environmental public health, these internet enabled instruments provide a near-instantaneous look at changing pollutant concentrations, with peripheral sensors for measurement of environmental and meteorological parameters.

EM-1000 Ambient Air Monitor

Model EM-10000
The  EM-10000 is designed for outdoor particulate and gas monitoring. These robust monitors provide reliable, accurate measurement of airborne contamination allowing for the detection of environmental and public health concerns. The first real time monitor to provide 6 accurate particulate size channels.

Realtime Data
6 particle size channels recorded by the EM-10000 Monitor are stored in an internal non-volatile memory at user-defined data sampling rates (1 second to -99 hours). The high time-resolution of the Model EM-10000 measurements provides a near-instantaneous look at changing airborne particulate concentrations, leading to a well-defined model of local point source influences that may disproportionately affect air quality.

EM-1000 systems are configured to allow users to push real-time data to the cloud where sensor outputs can be visualized by authorized stakeholders.

Fully Integrated Low-Cost Air Quality Sensor System
Integration of additional sensors for measurement of environmental and meteorological parameters (relative humidity, temperature, barometric pressure, (optional) carbon dioxide – CO2, and total volatile organic compounds – TVOC) offers a more complete view of air quality.

Ambient Air Monitor
Ambient Air Monitor diagram