Aim for a Stabilized Road with DMS-DS: 100 | The Best Soil Stabilization for Roads on the Market

DMS-DS® 100 is specially designed for soil stabilization and dust control of industrial roads, haul road and well-compacted surfaces, improving its overall strength and road materials agglutination. It can also be used on coal stockpiles/trains/trucks, preventing the creation of wind-borne coal dust, thus protecting the environment and saving valuable coal.

Description of our soil stabilization product

DMS-DS® 100 is formulated with environmentally friendly nanopolymers, surfactants and proprietary minerals. APE-free surfactants and no added formaldehyde. DMS-DS® 100 is added to watering trucks and mixed with water and sprayed onto road surfaces. It improves dust suppression performance while reducing water by at least 80%, by extending the dust suppression effects four to five times longer than water alone. In addition, the tight surface of the product is resistant to erosion from wind, water, or the sun.

Characteristic of an efficient stabilized road product

Learn more about all the attributes this product brings to your stabilized roads. Find out about methods to aggregate the duration of the product. Identify whether this is the right product for your needs.

It improves the suppression ability by enhancing the adhesion & spreading abilities of water on coal particles.

Producing flexible and low surface tension foam to reduce the humidity and prolong the effect.

Making the forming foam together to form a tight layer.

DMS-DS® 100 has an accumulative effect, whereas a binding seal is created and reinforced with each application. Its nanopolymer size binds PM10 and PM2.5 preventing the creation of the wind-borne material.

Erosion control can be difficult to manage as it is caused by factors that cannot be controlled, like the weather. However, erosion should not be an issue with this soil stabilizing agent. This stabilizer is resistant to water, wind, as well as sun erosion, and will provide your roads with the compaction of dust needed for safety and efficiency. 

  • Reduce dust levels up to 85-95%
  • Improve road braking distance, improving road safety
  • Improve rolling resistance, reducing fuel consumption
  • Nontoxic & non-corrosive product
  • Excellent water and UV resistance
  • Acid and alkaline waters resistance
  • Non-ionic

The aggregation of these attributes and characteristics make this soil stabilizing product popular amongst our clients. Developed and designed for all construction works, any and all users are satisfied with the stabilized soil they experience after its application.

The soil stabilizer, DMS-DS® 100, can be applied in any construction road where there is a lot of traffic. Due to its high compaction and erosion control, the product stays on the applied surface. The following places of application are known to have successful stabilized soil post application. The product is efficient in multiple types of soil including clay. 

  • Roads
  • Slopes
  • Tailings
  • Stockpiles
  • Ramps
  • Runways

ABCDust has developed a table of dosages according to the type of soil, traffic and climatic conditions to determine the doses and the most convenient and effective product for the goals of dust suppression and soil stabilization. The dosage and application rates differ depending on the type of soil, clay requires different applications. Contact us to determine the proper doses for your dust control needs.


We recommend that you use the DMS-DS 100® within the first 12 months. Past this timeline, the strength of the soil stabilizing product is compromised and it is no longer as effective as before. 

DMS-DS 100® is supplied in 1.000 L drums or IBC drums. The product should be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight. DMS-DS® is frost sensitive. Therefore, it is recommended that prolonged exposure to extremely low temperatures is avoided.

The health, safety, and wellbeing of your employees is important, that is why we suggest the usage of certain pieces of equipment during the application of the product. DMS-DS 100® has some surfactant & preservative properties and as such contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin should be avoided. Safety glasses or goggles and equipment such as gloves and respiratory masks are recommended when handling the product. Detailed information on handling and any precautions to be observed in the use of the product(s) described in this leaflet can be found in our relevant Health and Safety information sheet.

Using this dust compaction product is also good for the respiratory system of your employees. Soil erosion can have a negative impact when exposed to for a long time and providing a safe work environment for you and your employees is an important duty as an employer. 

The information contained in this leaflet is given in good faith, but no liability is assumed nor is freedom from any intellectual property owned by ABCDust. This information should not be taken to represent a specification for the product.

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