Underground water truck - Premium water solutions & equipment

Underground water truck: Mastering underground water solutions

ABCDust’s underground water truck offers the epitome of excellence in water solutions tailored for underground roadways. Our product line ensures precise water distribution management and a consistent source of water. Enhanced by a high-performance water pump, our trucks strike a balance between ensuring the right water level on roadways and reducing the over-wetting conditions. By controlling the rate of water dispensed, it reduces the need for frequent road maintenance, thus optimizing time, water usage, and minimizing Co2 emissions.

Drive efficiency with our underground water truck's advanced engine

Underground water truck's tanker - The Tanker Truck SV12120 and its transmission prowess

Harnessing the power of leading OEM companies and dealers, ABCDust’s SV12120 integrates a sophisticated transmission system, allowing for varying speeds, including maximum travel speeds and optimal ground speeds. This underground water truck boasts an advanced water tank configuration, featuring a state-of-the-art water cannon to ensure the efficient flow rate. Water flow from the cannon is controlled to provide a consistent water level across operations, backed by a robust water separator system.

Features that define the underground water truck's capability

  • Efficient Water Cannon & Pump System: The water pump ensures a uniform rate of water, complementing the power of the water cannon. The flow rate, water flow, and water from the cannon are meticulously calibrated for underground operations.

  • Advanced Transmission Dynamics: Threefold emphasis on transmission ensures seamless shifts between speeds, enhancing truck speed, and adaptability.

  • Axle & Ground Speed Configuration: Designed to support the truck’s transmission system, the durable axle aids in maintaining ideal ground speed for operations.

  • Focused Ground Water Hole Drilling: Our water truck emphasizes ground water hole drilling, making it a prime choice for those seeking efficient source of water solutions underground.

  • Water Separation & Level Management: Integrated water separator mechanisms ensure the purity of the water used. Consistent water level management helps in maintaining optimal water on road conditions.
Your partner in stabilizing underground roadways with our underground water truck

Dealer collaboration and water solutions for the underground water truck landscape

Dealer partnerships bolster the prowess of ABCDust’s underground water truck, ensuring that the equipment is fine-tuned for diverse operation conditions. From optimizing the tire choices to the axle and transmission systems, collaboration with dealers is paramount. Central to our Water Solutions is the emphasis on ground water hole drilling, ensuring a consistent and efficient source of water for operations.

Exploring the underground water truck drilling and pipe water systems

The incorporation of ground water hole drilling methods forms the backbone of our extensive water product range. Our trucks come equipped with pipe water systems that provide a continuous rate of water, ensuring smooth operations. Combined with our competitive water distribution systems, this underground water truck is a paragon of efficiency in the Water Solutions domain.

Conclusion: The future of underground water trucks with ABCDust

The ABCDust underground water truck is more than a vehicle; it’s a commitment to water solutions. With a plethora of features, from water cannons to specialized water pumps and transmission systems, backed by partnerships with elite dealers, this truck is set to shape the future of underground water operations.

Technical specifications


  • 8,091 mm (318 9/16 in.) (without lugs)
  • 8,244 mm (324 9/16 in.) (with lugs)


  • Standard Travel Mode: (empty water tank)
  • Front Axle: 3,873.7 kg (8,540 lb.)
  • Rear Axle: 2,975.6 kg (6,560 lb.)
  • Total: 6,867.4 kg (15,140 lb.)


2,083 mm (82 in.)

Ground clearance

267 mm (10.5 in.) (rear suspension to ground)


1,829 mm (72 in.) cab (overall, ride height)

Travel speed

  • First Gear – 7.1 km/h (4.4 mph)
  • Second Gear – 10.8 km/h (6.7 mph)
  • Third Gear – 23.6 km/h (14.7 mph)
  • Fourth Gear – 31.9 km/h (19.8 mph)
  • Overdrive – 42.5 km/h (26.4 mph)

Wheel base

3,810 mm (150 in.)

Track width

1,711 mm (67-3/16 in.)



  • Rim Size – 11 in. x 15 in.
  • Tire Size – 14.5 l x 15 NHS


  • Rim Size – 7.5 in. x 15 in.
  • Tire Size – 10.00 l x 15 NHS


ROPS certified canopy and an adjustable operator’s seat.

Electric system

12 VDC and 60 amp alternator.

Turning radius (outside)

  • 2-Wheel Steer: 12,548 mm (494 in.)
  • 4-Wheel Steer: 8,788 mm (346 in.)
Your partner in stabilizing underground roadways with our underground water truck

How much water does a water truck carry?

Typically, water trucks used in construction can carry anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 gallons of water. In special cases, a gallon underground water cistern storage tank might be used for additional water storage. It’s vital for areas with water shortages and communities with water supply needs to have such trucks and water storage tanks on standby.

What is a water tanker truck?

A water tanker truck is an engine-driven vehicle primarily used for transporting large volumes of potable water and other water supplies. Often utilized in construction sites and regions with water shortages, they ensure an adequate water supply and the protection of water quality.

How does a water truck work?

A water truck works by using its engine to drive and pump water from its storage tanks, distributing it as required. With a strong emphasis on the protection of water quality, these trucks supply potable water to various locations. They are especially essential in construction sites where the depth to water pumping can be a challenge, and an above-ground water storage tank may be required.

How much does it cost to fill a 2500 gallon water tank?

The cost to fill a 2500 gallon water tank can vary based on water shortages, location, and the supply of water from local water storage tanks. For potable water, ensuring the protection of water quality might lead to additional costs. Always consult local water supplies for precise rates.

How long does it take to empty a water truck?

The time to empty a water truck largely depends on the drive and engine efficiency, as well as the design of its discharge system. However, typically, given an efficient engine drive and no issues, it can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to empty, especially if transferring to additional water storage or an above-ground water storage tank.