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Introducing the DMS-Fog®: An advanced dry fog dust suppression system design

Experience the power of effective dust suppression with our state-of-the-art DMS-FOG. Our innovative system employs a variety of stainless nozzles, designed to optimize the application of water, reducing water consumption while extending the lifespan of the equipment and cutting down on maintenance costs.

Transform your dust control approach with DMS-Fog® today

Harnessing controlled temperature technology: A cornerstone of our fogging system for dust control

Harnessing the power of controlled temperature technology, our fog dust suppression system ensures consistent performance in all weather conditions, preventing water from freezing and guaranteeing consistent dust suppression.

Dry fog nozzle efficiency: Creating optimal droplet sizes for dust suppression

The DMS-Fog® produces a dry fog with water droplets 1–12 microns in size, or a fine mist of 30-80 microns. These droplet sizes are perfect for covering the dust source, preventing airborne dust particles from entering the air or combining with dust control additives to minimize fugitive dust emissions. Our effective dust suppression systems, with over 20 years of development, promise low water consumption and affordable operational costs.

Take control of dust with our fogging system for dust control today

Boost Dust Suppression Efficiency and Save Water with DMS-FOG®

For maximum dust suppression efficiency, our dry fog dust suppression and fine mist systems can be synergized with our DMS-TDS additives. This combination not only saves water but also reduces operating costs, increasing dust suppression effectiveness to an impressive 90-95%.

Monitor & Optimize Your Dust Control Systems with DMS-ONE

The DMS-FOG dust control systems include an automated control system with input and output sensor timing control and extreme dust particle monitors. This setup optimizes dust suppression and resource utilization, with an on-site display of information and control, seamlessly integrating with our DMS-ONE Platform.

Special Air-Atomizing Nozzle and Valve Control System: Maximizing Efficiency in Dust Suppression

Our special air-atomizing nozzle and valve control system manage the air and water flow of each dry fog nozzle bar. Each circuit has a myriad of features including 50 to 150 mesh water filters, a 3-micron air filter, two pressure switches (air and water), two solenoid valves, pressure transducers, a pressure regulator, and an automatic control cabinet. Additionally, the system comes encased in an IP 66 enclosure, offering water and dust resistance.

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Advanced Material Handling and Environment Protection with DMS-Fog®

Handling bulk material in various industrial environments necessitates a robust dust control strategy. Our DMS-Fog® system is designed with this principle in mind, offering effective dust suppression systems that ensure a safer environment and better air quality.

Ultrasonic Nozzles: Turning Water into Droplets

Built with innovative ultrasonic nozzles, our system turns plain water into droplets of the precise size needed for optimal dust suppression. The moisture content in these fog droplets is carefully controlled, making it an ideal solution for managing fugitive dust particles. This design further allows for the most efficient wetting of airborne dust.

Dry Fog Nozzles: The Core of Our Dust Suppression System

Our dry fog nozzles are a result of meticulous nozzle design that ensures the creation of a fine mist, which forms a product stream that effectively captures and suppresses dust. The principle behind this dual fluid system is to maximize contact between dust and water particles, thus providing superior dust control.

Transform your dust control approach with DMS-Fog® today

Cost-efficient dust collector and suppression system

When it comes to installation cost, our DMS-Fog® stands out for its affordability. We understand the importance of cost efficiency in any industrial operation, and our system is designed to provide high-quality dust suppression without putting a strain on your budget.

The DMS-Fog®: A variety of dust suppression systems

Our system offers multiple types of dust suppression methods. For instance, our dust collector uses a fabric filter to capture dust particles, while our inertial separators work on the principle of causing the dust to change direction rapidly. We also offer dry fog systems that use ultrasonic frequency sound waves to create a primary shock wave, which in turn forms droplets with an optimal droplet diameter for effective dust suppression.

Additional features: Electrostatic precipitators and freeze protection

The DMS-Fog® also comes equipped with electrostatic precipitators that remove dust particles using an induced electrostatic charge. In cold weather, our systems have built-in freeze protection to ensure uninterrupted dust suppression, regardless of the environmental conditions.

Choose the DMS-Fog® dry fog dust suppression system today, and experience the benefits of a safer, cleaner, and more efficient industrial environment.

Enhance your environment with ABCDust's effective dust suppression systems