Dust Suppression

ABCDUST provide dust suppression products with application protocols that suppress over 95-98% of PM10 and PM 2,5, reduce over 80-85% water consumption and CO2 emissions while reducing up to 35% road maintenance costs.

ABCDust offers a wide range of dust suppression and soil stabilization products and protocols, manufactured in ISO 9.001 facilities under the highest quality and sustainability standards.


Our DMS, propietary blends main benefits and characteristics are:

  1. 95-99% proven dust abatement capacity
  2. 80-90% Water savings
  3. Long-term effects. Minimizes water consumption
  4. Rapid dilution and applications
  5. Non slippery
  6. Neutral PH. Non-corrosive to machinery
  7. Applicable to all types of soil
  8. Designed for high traffic of heavy machinery
  9. Non-toxic Products
  10. Water-repellent. Resists impact of rain and snow
  11. Harmless to the Environment
  12. Measured performances, to best match different traffic, soil, weather, and water characteristics.


  • Mining Haul Roads
  • Secondary roads
  • Forest roads
  • Municipal Roads

The product mix and application protocols recommendation is based on the client site location, road geometry & material, traffic conditions, water availability, maintenance equipment, weather conditions, suppression & duration target, environmental stewardship, and budget.

For inquiries and quotes, please contact us at info@abcdust.net