DMS - DS 80: Dust Control For Mining Road

DMS-DS 80® is our low-cost dust suppressor and soil stabilizer with ultra-low levels of chlorides and environmentally friendly. Compatible with all types of soils, standing out with better yields for silty soils with low water retention. Our formulation contains organic polymers derived from agricultural processes with nano polymers that together generate a dust-free, stable and water-resistant path. Our product has a very low dose of chlorides, which is not corrosive, nor increases the salinity of the soil or nearby bodies of water.


The product greatly reduces the need for road irrigation, and is applied at doses of 25% to 30% of chloride salts, with one or two monthly maintenance waterings for heavily traveled roads, and every four months for roads with little transit. Which reduces the transportation and storage needs of the product

Dust control, soil stabilization and ice control for forest, municipal, industrial, underground mining roads. Its application is recommended in silty and sandy soils.

ABCDust has developed a table of dosages according to soil type, traffic and climatic conditions to determine the most convenient and effective dose and product for the goals of dust suppression and soil stabilization. 

  • Low cost per m2.
  • PM10-2.5 suppression at 85-90%
  • Water savings from 60% to 90%
  • Highly concentrated, reduce logistics costs.
  • Water and UV resistant.
  • Compatible with acidic, alkaline and brine waters.
  • Nonionic, nontoxic, and non corrosive.
  • Reduce road maintenance costs.
  • Compatible with extreme cold of -30C.
  • It can be applied without water.
  • Avoid the formation of ice on the road.

DMS-DS 80® is delivered in totes of 1,000 L, 122 cm x 102 cm x 122 cm. Store at temperatures between -30o and 35o. The product is highly concentrated, which facilitates its transport and storage. It can be stored for periods of up to 12 months.

DMS-DS 80®   contains surfactants, so contact with the eyes and prolonged skin contact should be avoided. Therefore, the use of safety glasses, gloves and masks is recommended when handling the product. See more relevant information on the Safety Sheet.