DMS-TDS: Dust suppressor for cargo fronts and conveyor belts

DMS-TDS ® is a highly effective non-ionic dust suppressor, designed to be applied on loading fronts and / or high frequency material transport systems on continuous belt lines. DMS-TDS® is composed of a proprietary mixture of non-ionic surfactants, nano-polymers and alcohols. It is a copolymer and surfactant of high dilution and atomization that encodes, re-programs and restructures the H2O water particles, minimizing their hardness to enhance capillarity and infiltration of substrates of material banks, absorbing and binding MP10-2, 5. The modification on the water and its high atomization allow it to knock down and absorb fine dust particles in suspension.


DMS-TDS® reduces water needs by up to 90%, suppressing dust by more than 85%, reducing the risk of lung diseases such as silicosis and increasing productivity by greater visibility. DMS-TDS ® is applied dissolved in water through cannons or sprinkler systems. The additive improves dust control and reduces water consumption, reducing the costs and risks associated with dust control.
  • Reduces dust, increasing visibility and productivity in processes.
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Highly concentrated
  • It does not generate stains
  • Water and UV resistant
  • Resistant to acidic, alkaline and salt water.
  • Nonionic, nontoxic, non corrosive
The doses are adjusted according to the type of fine material to be suppressed, water hardness and climatic conditions. Contact us to discuss the necessary dosages for your site / site.
DMS-TDS® Product is delivered in totes of 1,000 L, 122 cm x 102 cm x 122 cm. Store at temperatures between -10o and 35o. The product is highly concentrated, which facilitates its transport and storage.
DMS-TDS® contains surfactants, so contact with the eyes and prolonged skin contact should be avoided. Therefore, the use of safety glasses, gloves and masks is recommended when handling the product. See more relevant information on the Safety Sheet.
The information provided on this sheet is commercial and in good faith. It does not deliver any intellectual or material property rights of ABCDust. Nor does it provide specifications or recommendations on its use at a certain site or project.