SOILCELLS® are high density polyethylene panels used for soil containment. The three-dimensional structure of the cells allows to confine the granular material and thus avoid any displacement caused by erosion or static or dynamic loads. This versatile material can be used for slope retention, soil reinforcement and road infrastructure and as a retaining wall.


SOILCELLS® is a sustainable solution, made from high density polyethylene extracted from recycled plastic containers. SOILCELLS® reduces the need for aggregates and allows a better work with the materials in situ. It also allows the circulation of water, without negatively affecting the porosity of the soil.

SOILCELLS improves vertical and horizontal resistance by 30 to 50%, saving up to 50% granular material in soft and hard to compact soils.

  • Granular foundation reinforcement.
  • Stabilization of embankments and embankments.
  • Channel lining
  • Roads
  • Retaining walls
  • Revegetation
  • Other soil stabilization

The application process on roads is simple, and requires the following steps:

  1. Remove a layer of soil on which geocells will be installed.
  2. Install and anchor the GEOCELLS in the form of a panel or bee hive.
  3. Pour and spread granular material or local soil over the geocells to cover them.
  4. Apply additives for soil stabilization, if necessary.
  5. Compact the GEOCELLS covered with roller.
  6. Apply surface layers of the road stabilized with geocells.
  7. Apply additives for soil stabilization and dust control on the binder, if necessary
  8. Compact again if necessary
  • Improves 300% load capacity of confined material
  • Improves soil resistance
  • Reduces the need for granular material up to 50%
  • Improves the structural strength of the subgrade by 30%
  • Economic, effective and long-term solution
  • Excavation decrease
  • Granular material savings
  • Increase load capacity
  • Longer life of roads and retaining walls
  • Plastic width: 0.8mm-1.2mm
  • Cells height. 5 to 20 cm
  • Diameter: 10 to 40 cm
  • Recycled High Density Polyethylene
  • Light and easy to install
  • Perforated walls for optimal drainage
  • Support for sand, gravel, earth, concrete or other.
  • Compatible with stabilizer and powder additives.
  • Compatible with all types of floors
  • Non corrosive, long life
  • Reduces the need for granular material by 50%, saving road construction costs
  • Improves the strength of the confined material 3 times
  • Up to 10 times the amount of cyclic loading applications supported by underground materials
  • Improves 30% structural resistance of the subgrade
  • Reduces soil stress by 40%.
  • Reduce maintenance costs by 30 to 40%.

SOILCELLS® must be installed using personal protective elements that protect hands and eyes, as precautionary measures to prevent minor accidents during installation.