Effective de-icer & soil stabilizer - Powerful de-icer against extreme conditions

DMS-90®: de-icer and ultimate dust suppressant solution

Experience the unrivaled potency of DMS-90®, the paramount de-icer and soil stabilizer product. Primed for those critical times of icy conditions, especially during the frosty winter months, this product promises ice-free surfaces. Formulated with flopolymers, water, and surfactants, it excels in de-icing surfaces, suppressing dust, and ensuring soil stability even in the severest of cold temperatures.

Experience the de-icer difference today

De-icer description and soil stabilizer

Our liquid de-icer, DMS-90, offers dual application as a soil stabilizer and as a de-icer and dust suppressant. In the temperate seasons, simply mix DMS-90 in a cup of water. But as winter approaches and temperatures take a dive below 0°C, apply DMS-90 directly, unadulterated from the bottle. Its de-icing prowess surpasses common solutions like hygroscopic salts, asphalt emulsions, and alternative deicers. Delivering an impressive dust suppression of up to 90% and conserving water by an equal percentage, it simultaneously curtails braking distances by a massive 75%.

Experience the de-icer difference today

DMS-90® de-icer and dust suppressant advantages:

  • Surpasses many other de-icer sprays in chilling temperatures.
  • Diminishes water consumption by 90%, reflecting a favorable price point.
  • Enhances road safety; boasts a non-slippery nature and reduces braking distances.
  • Quick action with a minimal curing time.
  • Concentrated formula packed in an ergonomic spray bottle, ensuring in-depth application.
  • Perfect for treating windows, mirrors, and icy windshields.
  • Guards against water, UV radiation, and extreme conditions from -50C to 30C.
  • Ensures windshield wipers and windows remain pristine.
  • Slashes road maintenance costs linked with de-icing.

DMS-90® as a de-icer: Dosages & application procedures

Navigating through colder temperatures and colder conditions? Fret not. Using our affiliate links, we present an excellent product in DMS-90®, which comes with an exhaustive dosage table, meticulously crafted. The table takes into account various factors like soil type and traffic.

Most critically, considering climatic conditions ensures a consistent product output. Whether you’re battling snowy accumulation over vast square feet of land or aiming to melt ice during the cold winter months, DMS-90® in its potent liquid form is your go-to solution. When the degrees drop to their coldest, get in touch with us. We’ll guide you to determine the most potent application rate tailored specifically for your icy challenges. It’s indeed an awesome product for the coldest of times.

Consistency in storage is key, especially in the face of colder conditions and windy situations. DMS-90® is not just an excellent product but an awesome product as a de-icer spray. When shipped, each unit, whether it’s the 1,000 L drums or the IBC units, ensures protection over square feet of content.

These units, designed to offer exceptional value, should be protected from direct sunlight. We recommend storing them within a certain degrees range, specifically between -30C to 30C, ensuring the product’s consistency even during the colder temperatures and windy conditions that come with cold weather conditions.

DMS-90® is not just any product but a consistent and awesome product. However, it is formulated with certain chemicals, such as surfactants & preservatives, so caution is paramount, especially when applying in windy conditions or during the cold winter months near a body of water.

Engaging with DMS-90® during tumultuous storms? Remember to sidestep any contact with eyes and limit prolonged skin exposure. Given the colder conditions and the variance in degrees, always ensure you’re wearing protective goggles, gloves, and masks. For a comprehensive understanding of our awesome product in both colder temperatures and windy conditions, kindly consult our Health and Safety links.

De-icer warranty information

While we present all product details in good faith, we assume no liability. Furthermore, our de-icer respects all intellectual property rights owned by ABCDust. This description is not an exhaustive representation of our product’s vast capabilities.

Experience the de-icer difference today

What is de-icer used for?

De-icer, with its specific application method and chemical composition, is primarily utilized for storm cleanup post a winter storm. Its chemical compound ensures a faster rate in melting ice, especially to a Minimum Depth, making it essential during severe winter storm conditions.

Does de-icer really work?

Absolutely! The application method and chemical compound in de-icer ensure it works at a faster rate, especially during storm cleanup after a winter storm. Its efficiency is noticed when applied at correct application rates, ensuring surfaces, including rear view mirrors, remain ice-free even post winter storm onslaughts.

What is the ingredient in de-icer?

The primary ingredient is a specific chemical compound, a key part of its chemical composition. When combined with the recommended application method, it targets a Minimum Depth of ice, ensuring a thorough storm cleanup. This is especially crucial for areas like rear view mirrors, which are vulnerable during a winter storm.

How do application rates affect de-icer efficiency?

Applications rates, when calibrated correctly, optimize the de-icer’s performance. This ensures a faster rate of melting and thorough storm cleanup, especially post a brutal winter storm. It’s vital for areas like rear view mirrors that are exposed to the harshest elements during such storms.

Why is minimum depth important for de-icer application?

Achieving Minimum Depth is essential for a successful application method, ensuring a faster rate of ice melting during storm cleanup. It’s particularly beneficial after a severe winter storm, maintaining clarity on surfaces such as rear view mirrors.