Agriculture and Dust

Dust effects on agricultural soil

One of the biggest problems caused by dust in agriculture is related to the health of farmers, comunities nearby and their livestock and crops. Dust has immediate and long-lasting consequences over living beings around the farm. Indeed, here are the different risks that can occur with an overexposure to dust on human beings:

But the problems do not stop there, in fact the exposure to dust will also have consequences on :

As well, airborne dust increase the propagation of bacterias and virus which can attack crops, livestocks, farmers and communities nearby. Therefore, to ensure safe, heatlhy and productive work conditions dust must be mitigated.

Dust control and soil stabilization for agriculture minimizing water consumption

Since water is critical resource for agriculture and dust can have so many bad impacts on agriculture, it is important to implement water efficient dust control solutions. Here are different benefits that comes with implementing those solutions:

1. Roads

As said before, dust can deteriorate roads. Thanks to dust control solutions, dust on roads can be reduce. Thanks to that, less repairs will be needed which means lower maintenance costs, and more productive work place.

2. Safety and Health

Dust control solutions help improve health by reducing dust particles that farmers will enhale. Also, less dust means better visibility and better stopping distances.

3. Water retention

Dust control additive with environmentally friendly hygroscopic components at a high dilution rate mitigate water evaporation while helping to harvest the morning mist on your field for a longer period of time during the day, which translates in better crops and less dust.  

Recommended solutions

ABCDust has a wide variety of environmentally friendly, non toxic and non corrosive cost efficient dust control solutions for your field. Among our solutions we can highlight the following products:

DMS-DS 100

DMS-DS® 100 is specially designed for soil stabilization and dust control of industrial roads, haul road and well-compacted surfaces, improving its overall strength and road materials agglutination.

Main attributes and characteristics:


EZISS PRO® enhance higher compaction densities and increase soil strength, stability and resistance, together with lower permeability to rain and now. EZISS PRO® provides long-lasting effects, because it modifies the soils water retention in a definitive way, allowing it to minimize the roughness and the wear of the road surface, reducing road building and maintenance cost and reducing dust levels.

Main attributes and characteristics:

DMS-DS 80® is our low-cost dust suppressor and soil stabilizer with ultra-low levels of chlorides and environmentally friendly. Compatible with all types of soils, standing out with better yields for silty soils with low water retention. ABCDust formulation contains organic polymers derived from agricultural processes with nano polymers that together generate a dust-free, stable and water-resistant path. Our product has a very low dose of chlorides, which is not corrosive, nor increases the salinity of the soil or nearby bodies of water.

Main attributes and characteristics: