V-Sense: mine safety instrument

A precision instrument for haul road design, friction and roughness.

Haul truck efficiency, fuel consumption, and speed are key drivers to productivity and safety of any mining operation. In addition, proper haul road design, friction, rolling resistance and dust management are known to contribute significantly to haul truck and mining operational efficiency. The Vericom V-Sense package is a portable, user-friendly haul road friction and haul road geometry measurement instrument. Our instruments are known worldwide for accuracy and precision and have been adopted by large mine operators worldwide.

Dust suppression, road friction and roughness

With the Vericom V-Sense system, a detailed analysis of haul road friction and roughness vs. water truck application rates ensures maximum haul truck productivity while minimizing dust. Customers that use Vericom in their mining operation can quickly determine when it is safe to resume operations following a rain. Add a dust sensor to enhance the watering strategy and compare dust levels against watering level actual haul road friction capability.

Internal GPS of 10Hz

High precision GPS for georeferenced road analysis. The GPS data serves to create a ‘heat map’ for friction and haul road safety. Map test data is shown directly on the satellite image.

Optimized productivity and security

The Vericom V-Sense™ series is the preferred instrument for haul road design and friction analysis. With our device, you can test ANY piece of mining equipment for performance on haul roads. Simply mount the V-Sense POD on the test item and conduct the test. Developing an operational protocol that conforms to the stopping performance criteria as noted in standard ISO 3450 is now simple and efficient.

The V-Sense MSI™ package

The V-Sense MSI™ package includes powerful Profile X1© Professional Software.

User calibration check

With the onboard user calibration check, you can verify that the V-Sense accelerometers are maintaining their factory calibration. There is no need to send the unit for service calibration.

Custom graphs and reports

Export data directly to MS Excel to create your own customized reports or to integrate data from other sources.

Simple and powerful

Analyze and compare test data with easy-to-use predefined graphs, tables, and reports.