ABCDUST is a supplier of dust control and soil stabilization products for Codelco Norte haul roads. ABCDust was selected among an international bid and products trial at Codelco´s site. ABCDust suppressor DMS -DS achieved a 95-99% dust suppression efficiency while reducing water consumption in over 80% and reducing brake distances in 35-80%, compared with traditional haul road watering.

DMS-DS is a non-toxic, non-corrosive and biodegradable dust control additive. DMS-DS is applied at high dilution application rates, which makes it very cost competitive per square meters, easy to store, mix and apply. The application protocol is secure and does not require traffic interruptions. Likewise, ABCDUST uses road friction sensors and PM10-2.5 sensors to determine the optimal irrigation application rate which maximizes dust suppression efficiency while ensuring safe road transit conditions.

Teck Resources

Teck Resources required a Dust Suppression product for their camp access roads in the Chilean Andes mountains.  Teck needed an environmentally friendly dust control product, which could reduce water usage while suppressing 90% of PM10.

The solution offered was a polymer base solutions, with an application controlled water truck, and a georeferenced dust monitoring system and platform. The solution allowed to optimize the dust suppression protocol to their site operation, customizing the application protocol to their specific needs, thus maximizing savings of water, fuel, water trucks hours and dust suppression products.

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Project - Forestal Arauco

In 2015, the ABCDUST team applied polymer dust suppressor on 10,000 m2 of public roads of FORESTAL ARAUCO, on the Rafael – Ñipas road. ABCDust solution proved a dust control effectiveness of 3 to 6 weeks and improved road safety conditions and water resistance. However, a longer duration was required. Based on this experience, ABCDust started its R&D work for the proprietary formulation of sustainable and long-lasting cost-effective dust suppressors to meet the needs of the forestry and mining industry. In 2017, the DMS line of suppressors is launched, based on nanopolymers and organic products that suppress 95-99% of the dust, high durability and low cost per square meter.