Measured performance

ABC Dust’s dust Control and soil stabilization solutions are non-toxic & environmentally friendly. ABCDust´s products are applied following international best practices and safety protocols in conjunction with state-of-the-art sensors to measure PM10-2.5 emissions, road friction, roughness, temperature, moisture and water consumption to measure the performance of our solutions. ABCDust solutions provide excellent dust suppression efficiency, improved road brake distances, stabilization and road smoothness.

ABCDust´s solutions are measured at each site application. We can ensure our products quality and performance for haul roads, forestry roads and municipality roads, whereas ABCDust can provide:

  • Efficient suppression of PM10-2.5 of 95-99% efficiency
  • Reduction of water use of 80-90%
  • Fuel savings between 30-50%
  • Safe and straightforward application protocol, No accidents registered
  • The right product mix for different soil and traffic conditions
  • Non-corrosive, non-toxic and environmentally friendly solutions
  • Safe and efficient option to chloride salts and bituminous emulsions
  • Reduction of braking distances of 35-80% in mining haul roads with 10 grades slopes
dump truck
dump trucks carrying soil