Soil Stabilization for the Mining Industry and Mining Roads

ABCDust offers cutting-edge proven products for soil stabilization for many industries such as mining, forestry, and construction. Our variety of products (enzymes, polymers, synthetic oils, and asphalt emulsions) has been formulated to meet different road needs reducing the need for aggregates and road maintenance.

Our soil stabilization products selection is very cost-effective, non-toxic, environmentally safe, and has several years of documented applications and protocols in different road, soil, and weather conditions combined with our expertise to ensure a road with low construction and maintenance costs that resist water penetration, use and wear. Also, as a positive consequence of increased road surface particle binding, there are fewer dust emissions from the roads.

So what is Soil Stabilization?

Soil stabilization is the method of stabilizing and strengthening soil by mixing binding agents and sometimes extra structure into the soil. By binding the soil particles with soil stabilization agent products you are massively reducing construction time, costs, and maintenance. For example, if you strengthen the roads both to and in your site that are already there, then you don’t have to build better roads and your heavy-duty vehicles and machinery can come and go to your project with ease knowing that the strengthened and stabilized soil will be able to deal with their heavy load. Stabilization of soils also protects the surfaces from water and prevents dust at your site. 

Soil stabilization can be used anywhere that soil and sub-soils aren’t yet suitable for construction or where soil surfaces are not strong enough to withstand the capacity that is needed. You can stabilize many types of soil varying from dirt to sub-grade material such as clay.

Why should you consider the Stabilization of the soil at your project?

Stabilizing soil using binding agents at your projects comes with a vast amount of benefits that will save you both time and money on your construction. Here are just some of the things you will benefit from by using ABCDust soil stabilization agent products on your project:

  • All ABCDust products are environmentally and recycling friendly
  • You will save time and money on road construction
  • Better logistics of your project with easier access and fewer vehicle journeys needed
  • Access your site no matter the weather with your strong and weather-protected soil
  • Lower Permeability
  • Reduce up to 50% of road depth required to reach your bearing capacity
  • Reduce road material loans by using our ionic soil stabilization products for clay soils   
  • Push more workload with strong and compact surfaces at your site
  • Prevent dust and other harmful material from coming off the roads and paths and into your site

If you could benefit from any of those things please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can discuss how we can help you and your projects and get you a quote if needed.

What process must be used to reach maximum stabilization of soils?

The Process of Soil Stabilization can vary depending on what type of soil, surface, or binding agent you are dealing with but there are 3 main parts of Soil Stabilization:

  • Adding the Binding Agent – For the first step of the process, the soil is scarified using a grader with scarifying teeth, and then the binding material or solution that is best suited for the job and purpose of the soil is added. This is usually done by a water truck where the binding agent product has been added to the water or another type of binding solution spreader.
  • Binding and mixing the agent with the soil – This is where the strengthening starts as the agent will be mixed using conventional road maintenance equipment that can be used for mixing like a tractor or machine with a rotavator or disc.
  • Compaction and Sealing – Once the soil and binding agent have been well mixed then it is time to compact the soil using a sheepsfoot compactor and roller, sealing and solidifying the surface making it fit for use.

Where do we Conduct Soil Stabilization?

We use the stabilization of soils to improve many types of roads and sites across many such as mining, forestry, and construction in Canada, Chile, Peru, and Colombia.

Using Soil Stabilization on Roads and Sites such as the ones below strengthens the soils already present and allows the soil to withstand more pressure and capacity of heavy vehicles, improving the logistics of the sites.

Soil Stabilization Applications

Sub-Bases and bases: Improving before paving

Rural unpaved Roads

Haul roads

Agriculture Roads

Forestry Roads

Airport Runways

Road Shoulders

Recreational Paths

Industrial Yards

Solar Farms

Wind Farms