Soil stabilization

ABC Dust offers cutting edge proven products for soil stabilization. Our pool of products (enzymes, polymers, synthetic oils and asphaltic emulsions) has been formulated to meet different road needs reducing the need of bringing aggregates and road maintenance.

Our soil stabilization products selection is very cost-effective, non-toxic, environmentally safe and have several years of documented applications and protocols in a different road, soil and weather conditions combined with our expertise to ensure a road with low construction and maintenance costs, that resist water penetration, use and wear. Also, as a positive consequence of increased road surface particle agglutination, there are fewer dust emissions from the roads.

Main applications

Sub-Bases and bases: Improving before paving

Rural unpaved Roads

Haul roads

Agriculture Roads

Forestry Roads

Airport Runways

Road Shoulders

Recreational Paths

Industrial Yards

Solar Farms

Wind Farms