Dust control in underground mines:

ABCDust has products and equipment to suppress dust and stabilize underground roadways, improving road conditions, without jeopardizing the safety of braking conditions.

Our line of suppressors for underground works do not require the sun to cure, nor do they generate over-wetting conditions, generating slippery conditions. Our products reduce the need for irrigation on the underground road, reducing PM10 levels and Co2 emissions caused by road maintenance equipment.

ABCDust has alliances and direct relationships with OEM companies that manufacture trucks and parts in detail, under OEM standards. ABCDust works with these companies to provide our customers optimized solutions to their operational conditions. Below, we detail the water tank we recommend for dust suppression programs in underground operations

Tanker Truck Underground Mines SV12120

Technical specifications:

LENGTH:                                                            WEIGHT:

8,091 mm (318 9/16 in.) (without lugs)              Standard Travel Mode: (empty water tank)

8,244 mm (324 9/16 in.) (with lugs)                   Front Axle: 3,873.7 kg (8,540 lb.)

Rear Axle: 2,975.6 kg (6,560 lb.)

WIDTH:                                                               Total: 6,867.4 kg (15,140 lb.)

2,083 mm (82 in.)


HEIGHT: (overall, ride height)                           267 mm (10.5 in.) (rear suspension to ground)

1,829 mm (72 in.) cab


WHEEL BASE:                                                  First Gear – 7.1 km/h (4.4 mph)

3,810 mm (150 in.)                                             Second Gear – 10.8 km/h (6.7 mph)

Third Gear – 23.6 km/h (14.7 mph)

TRACK WIDTH:                                                 Fourth Gear – 31.9 km/h (19.8 mph)

1,711 mm (67-3/16 in.)                                       Overdrive – 42.5 km/h (26.4 mph)


TIRES:                                                                ELECTRIC SYSTEM:

Rear: Rim Size 11 in. x 15 in.                         12 VDC

Tire Size – 14.5 l x 15 NHS                       60 amp alternator

Front: Rim Size – 7.5 in. x 15 in.

Tire Size – 10.00 l x 15 NHS                  CAB:

ROPS certified canopy

TURNING RADIUS: (outside)                           Adjustable operator’s seat

2-Wheel Steer: 12,548 mm (494 in.)

4-Wheel Steer: 8,788 mm (346 in.)