Mine operation

Truck on a dusty road

The goal is clear, increase production to capitalize 100% of the rise in prices of raw materials. To speed up operations and projects; the quality of the haul roads is a critical asset, as well as the mill and conveyors, all need to operate fast, safe, dust free and within a budget restriction, which can be challenging.

However, not all haul roads are the same. For the fulfillment of the production goals, safeguarding the safety and the environment efficiently and effectively, it must be considered that there are different types of soils, transit conditions and climate. Likewise, each road network has different road maintenance equipment and water, that is why is key to have a good assessment process that helps us choose the best product and optimize its application protocol to the mine site operative conditions. ABCDust use advance chemistry, combined with sound road engineering and cost analysis combined with high quality, objective and georeferenced data of the performance dust suppression program being implemented and the former program.

ABC Dust has developed a Dust Suppressors Comparative Assessment Framework to better define your road dust control strategy and maintenance plan. Our framework will help you to achieve a positive return of your dust suppression investment in terms of an increase in productivity, safety, environmental compliance, and a lower road maintenance cost per square meter.

Our Dust Suppressors Comparative Assessment Framework considers the use of different product strategies or additives under different maintenance protocols; such as high frequency (short duration) and low frequency (long duration) of dust suppression efficiency. Different type of water (Acid, Alkaline, Sea water). Treatments with low and minimum water consumption (saving 80% -98%), preserving the quality of the road surface layer.

Contact us to present you, our Dust Suppressors Comparative Assessment Framework to determine which dust suppressors strategy fits your needs better.