Specialized Mining Dust Suppression Solutions

Mining, Construction, and non paved roads are bound to encounter problems with dust. Harmful to both the lungs of the workers and the gears of a machine, dust can cause numerous small and large-scale issues, such as fires or illnesses. ABCDust has the solutions for you in order to properly suppress dust buildup and to find the best solutions to suppress it moving forward.

Control dust with cutting-edge equipment and solutions

A reliable solution to dust in a variety of industries

With our state-of-the-art Dust Master System (DMS®), we offer a wide range of state-of-the-art dust suppression solutions for dust control in many industries such as mining, forestry, and construction. DMS® dust suppression products are made up of proprietary mixtures of nano polymers, enzymes, ionic stabilizing agents, and nanomaterials of high strength and sustainability, all designed to ensure safety. Our dust suppressant products offer cost-effective dust control, dust suppression, and soil stabilization solutions optimized for different soil types, traffic conditions, and weather.

The advantages of using ABCDust’s products

Our products are characterized by their high dust suppression capacity, soil stabilization improvements, water-saving ability, braking distance reduction, and low maintenance costs.

At ABCDust, we integrate the use of DMS® high-performance dust suppression solutions and soil stabilizers with electronically controlled irrigation equipment, which include Dust and Road Friction and Roughness georeferenced monitoring systems. This integration enhances ABCDust’s solutions to optimize our dust suppression and soil stabilization programs and targets, reduce costs and save our clients time and money, and ultimately find the solution to suppressing all the dust you may require. Our products are applied where they need it as they need it, increasing road productivity, sustainability, and safety to both labourers and machinery alike. Can’t find any effective and affordable solutions for your dust suppression needs? Look no further and contact ABCDust today!

Our different products


DMS-DS: Mining haul roads dust suppression and control

DMS-DS® is a highly effective dust suppression product designed for mining haul roads, high mountains, and high tonnage cargo (600 TON) conditions.


DMS-EB: bituminous emulsion​

DMS-EB® is a modified bituminous emulsion, environmentally friendly, and designed to capture particulate material (dust control) and improve road stability and safety (soil stabilization).

DMS-DS 80: Low Cost Dust Control for Mining and Secondary Roads

DMS-DS 80® is our low-cost dust suppression product and soil stabilizer with ultra-low chloride levels and environmentally friendly.

DMS-TDS: Dust suppression for cargo fronts and any conveyor belt

DMS-TDS ® is a highly effective non-ionic dust suppression technique designed to be applied on loading fronts and/or high-frequency material transport systems on conveyor belt lines.

Suppression de la poussière

Dust Master Systems (DMS®) propose une large gamme de solutions de pointe pour le contrôle de la poussière et la stabilisation des sols. Les produits DMS® sont composés de mélanges exclusifs de nanopolymères, d’enzymes, d’agents stabilisants et de nanomatériaux hautement résistants, durables et sûrs. Les produits DMS® offrent des solutions rentables de contrôle de la poussière et de stabilisation des sols, optimisées pour différents types de sols, conditions de circulation et conditions météorologiques. Les produits DMS® se caractérisent par des capacités de suppression de la poussière élevées, des améliorations de la stabilisation des sols, des économies d’eau, une réduction des distances de freinage et des coûts de maintenance réduits. ABCDust intègre l’utilisation de dépoussiéreurs haute performance DMS® et de stabilisateurs de sol avec un équipement d’irrigation à contrôle électronique et des systèmes de surveillance géoréférencés pour le frottement et la rugosité de la route et des poussières. Cette intégration permet d’améliorer les solutions ABCDust afin d’optimiser nos programmes et objectifs de dépollution des poussières et de stabilisation des sols, de réduire les coûts et de faire économiser de l’argent à nos clients. Nos produits sont appliqués là où ils en ont besoin, ce qui augmente la productivité, la durabilité et la sécurité de la route.

Dust Suppression and Management Benefits

  1. 95-99% proven dust reduction
  2. 80-90% Water savings
  3. Long-term effects.
  4. Minimizes water consumption
  5. Rapid dilution and applications
  6. Non-slippery roads
  7. Neutral PH. Non-corrosive to machinery
  8. Applicable to all types of soil
  9. Designed for high traffic of heavy machinery
  10. Nontoxic Products
  11. Water-repellent. Resists impact of rain and snow
  12. Harmless to the Environment
    Measured performances to best match different traffic, soil, weather, and water characteristics.
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Suppress Dust at your site starting today

ABC Dust is introducing Dust suppression at your site or plant today! Choosing our solutions and using our state-of-the-art suppression products and equipment will improve your site and your employees’ safety while they are at work. Dust suppression doesn’t just suppress dust but also reduces the risk of hazards caused by dust, such as fire and illness by reducing harmful material in the air at your operation. Not to mention it makes everything just a lot cleaner too! Get on top of dust and find the solution to suppress it with some of the best dust suppression products and solutions available on the market today!