DMS-ONE Integrates sensors for dust control,  road friction, acceleration and brake distance control, temperature, moisture, GPS to monitor road conditions and their maintenance needs to optimize dust suppression and road maintenance costs.

Platform Features Dust-Master

  1. Integrates information from our advanced dust control and road conditions monitoring sensors (roughness & friction)
  2. Historical records of water and irrigation loads suppressor
  3. Historical documents geo-referenced risks
  4. Effective irrigation inferred roads
  5. Water trucks irrigation routes for each operational shift based on predefined parameters and the latest measurements
  6. Analysis stretch of road transport and circuit
  7. Website view and reports via email in PDF format


  1. Quantification of the planning and operation through processing as KPI’s (performance, efficiency, incidents, irrigation, etc.)
  2. Allows effective measure compliance with the plan
  3. The strategy includes preventive and corrective maintenance to roads
  4. Evidence and knowledge of the real state of the paths
  5. Suppressor optimal application dynamically calculated the date, road sections and sections