ABC Dust’s DMS Haul Roads Dust Control and Stabilization solutions are nontoxic & environmentally friendly. ABCDust´s products are applied following international best practices and safe protocols  in conjunction with state-of-the-art sensors to measure PM10-2.5 emissions; levels of friction, water consumption and dust suppressors to measure the performance of our solutions in terms of efficiency of suppression and road safety in a simple and objective manner.

ABCDust´s DMS meassured performance in ramps with a strong slope and 600 Ton CATs high traffic is:

  • Efficient suppression of PM10-2.5 of 95-99% with respect to baseline
  • Reduction of water use of 80-90% to the target efficiency level
  • Fuel savings between 30-50%
  • Simple and safe application protocol, No accidents registered.
  • Seal suppressor resistant to 600 Tons CAEX transit in extreme mining site conditions
  • Can be applied at low temperatures
  • It is not corrosive, nor toxic in time
  • Safe and efficient option for the substitution of chloride salts and bituminous emulsions.
  • Reduction of braking distances of 35-80% in mining roads with high slope and CAEX CAT 797 F loaded (600 Tons) in haul-roads ramps and curves

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