Innovation towards sustainable and efficient solutions

Environmentally friendly, efficient and consistently reliable, ABCDust’s products and solutions are manufactured high to standards and quality raw materials that ensure our solutions are sustainable, effective, safe and save money to our clients every month providing them the best set of products and solutions in the market.

Every site, every road is different and require an unique solution. ABCDust is a leader company. Our solutions starts with a soil study, operational and environmental conditions assessment and ends with a customized safe, efficient and enviromentally friendly product and protocol. ABCDust uses advance sensors and a management platform that helps us to better understand our products performance in an unique road and make the right  improvements, if required.

Our innovative approach converge different disciplines, such as chemistry, physics, polymers science, electronics, informatics, geomathics and automatization to improve our products and the way we do things, toward better, more efficient, safe and sustainable solutions.

ABCDust products and technologies are developed in our labs with collaboration with leading Universities, Technology Centers and Suppliers in Canada, Chile, U.S.A and other countries. ABCDust invest 5% to 7% of our budget on R&D leveraged with goverment research funds and our partners to enhance and further optimize our products and technologies, ensuring that we provide the best products, application protocols and complementary technologies to ensure we offer the best quality, safety, sustainability and value.