DMS-EB® is a modified bituminous emulsion, friendly to the environment, and designed to capture particulate material (dust control) and improve road stability (soil stabilization). DMS-EB® works as a dust suppressant and/or soil stabilizer, depending on whether it is applied topically or scarifying. DMS-EB® has a binding effect on the particles and fine material of the soil, improving its resistance and controlling dust emissions. DMS-EB® is manufactured in ISO 9001 certified factory, in North America. DMS-EB® is applied regularly in Mining, Railroads, Agroindustry, Vineyards and Municipalities in North America and Latin America. DMS-EB® is non-ionic and works well with cationic and anionic soils and aggregates. DMS-EB® is formulated with surfactants to break the surface tension of soils and improve compaction.


  • Reduces dust by 95-99%
  • Water savings of 90%
  • Highly concentrated and easy to dilute.
  • Improved braking conditions, not slippery
  • Water and UV resistant
  • Waterproof the road
  • Reduces road maintenance needs and frequency
  • Increase in tire life by 30%
  • Rolling resistance improvements of up to 70%
  • Higher efficiency in CAEX fuel of 27%
  • Non-ionic, non-toxic, non-corrosive
  • Free of dangerous organic solvents

DMS-EB® is composed of 0,08 microns bituminous particles that agglutinate all the solids with which they come into contact. That is why the application process of DMS-EB®, requires the use of water as an agent to infiltrate the product inside the road surface, agglutinating the fines so that they are not lifted by road traffic. DMS-EB® cures quickly, so it is not necessary to close the roads, during its application.


DMS-EB® is added to water trucks tank mixed with water and applied topically on the road. For road stabilization, DMS-EB® is applied through 10-12 cm scarification, retaining dust particles and improving the road resistance and friction.


ABCDust has developed a table of dosages according to the type of soil, traffic and climatic conditions to determine the doses and the most convenient and effective product for the goals of dust suppression and soil stabilization. Contact us to determine the proper doses for your dust control needs.


Best before 24 months


DMS-EB® is supplied in 1.000 L drums or IBC drums. The product should be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Store at temperatures between -15o and 35o. It can be delivered in ISO tanks of 18,000 L. The product is highly concentrated, which facilitates its transport and storage.


DMS-EB®  has bituminous emulsions and some surfactant & preservative properties and as such its ingestion as well as contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin should be avoided. Safety glasses or goggles; gloves and respiratory masks are recommended, when handling the product. Detailed information on handling and any precautions to be observed in the use of the product(s) can be found in our relevant Health and Safety information sheet.


Contact us to determine the proper doses for your dust control needs!