ABC Dust Technology’s innovative dust control & soil stabilization products and research are at the forefront in the prevention of silicosis disease. Silicosis is an uncurable and deadly disease, which affects nearly 37% of workers underground and in open pits mines exposed to high levels of airborne dust and silica. Fugitive dust is a serious workplace risk within the mining, construction, infrastructure and farming sectors, leading to investigations by government agencies, research centers, unions and mainstream media. ABCDust has developed a range of proven dust suppression and soil stabilization products and management tools and software to address the health risks of airborne dust, which couldRead More →

ABCDust offers state-of-the-art technologies and products that have been tested in the Chilean, Peruvian and North American Mining extreme and remote sites. ABCDust presented their solutions at Expomin 2018, at the Canada Pavilion, organized by the Minning Suppliers Trade Association (MSTA). in conjunction with Export Development Canada (EDC) and The Canadian Trade Commission Service. Expomin is the largest mining tradeshow in Latin America, with more than 70,000 visitors from across the industry. Expomin has established itself as the main meeting point that brings together new technologies, experiences, innovations, suppliers and buyers for the mining industry in Chile and Latin America. Expomin concentrates a large numberRead More →

The goal is clear, increase production to capitalize 100% of the rise in prices of raw materials. To speed up operations and projects; the quality of the haul roads is a critical asset, as well as the mill and conveyors, all need to operate fast, safe, dust free and within a budget restriction, which can be challenging. However, not all haul roads are the same. For the fulfillment of the production goals, safeguarding the safety and the environment efficiently and effectively, it must be considered that there are different types of soils, transit conditions and climate. Likewise, each road network has different road maintenance equipmentRead More →