Big Stone Road

Big Stone Road sees approximately 1.200-1.500 vehicles a day. In 2015, it needed some more dust suppression; cost was a factor; as there was a major overhaul planned for October. Two water trucks and a grader were utilized for this stretch of road day/night. The product selected was DMS-90 which was cost comparative to Calcium Chloride. We prepped the road and applied a topical application, followed by packers to compact the road. This time we allowed three hours before traffic was open. From the date of the product application to the day the road was ripped up for its upgrade, approximately 48 days not one water truck or grader was used on that piece of road. This application paid for itself in 9 days. This product also created a hard road surface and shed rain, thus eliminating ruts and slippery conditions as you get with Calcium Chloride when it rains.




Application Process


After application


Three months later


Due to the success, we had in August; the Municipality decided to use this product in the stabilization of the top 4″ of gravel once the 8 km of road had been upgraded followed with a topical application as a sealer. The product was applied in multiple passes and worked on the way before finally being graded and packed. Once that was completed, the final top coat was applied. Before the snow fell, the road had seen over 50,000 vehicles, and during the rains, the watershed off and the road maintained its integrity, without road slipperiness as with Calcium Chloride. Due to the success, the same process was applied in 2016 to more kilometres of the road.

In summary, the product creates a hard surface that sheds water. It paid for itself in weeks and lasted months. Finally, a product that works better than Calcium Chloride and is the same price.

October 2015 application


Road after rain


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